Cake Menu

Here at Melanie Todd Cake Design you can choose from classic traditional cake or something a little more luxurious for your beautiful wedding cake.

I can guarantee you will love either choice.

My Cake Menu uses top quality ingredients, sourced from local Ilminster suppliers to ensure the lightest sponge and most delicious buttercream. 

Classic Flavours


Traditional Vanilla

 Light vanilla sponge, infused with vanilla beans, layered with raspberry curd or strawberry conserve and vanilla meringue buttercream

Zesty Lemon

Zingy and fresh lemon sponge, layered with lemon curd and lemon meringue buttercream

Raspberry & Lemon

Fresh raspberries infused in a lemon sponge, layered with raspberry curd and lemon meringue buttercream


Double Chocolate

Rich chocolate sponge, layered with either a dark chocolate meringue buttercream or a salted caramel meringue buttercream

White Chocolate & Raspberry

An indulgent white chocolate mud cake, with fresh raspberries, layered with raspberry conserve & white chocolate meringue buttercream

Coconut & Cherry

Light coconut infused sponge, layered with cherry conserve and coconut meringue buttercream

Luxury Flavours





Coconut, Passion Fruit & White Chocolate 

Light coconut infused sponge, layered with passion fruit curd and white chocolate meringue buttercream

Amaretto, Pear & Honey

Amaretto infused sponge, layered with honey & pear conserve and amaretto meringue buttercream

Chocolate, Ginger & Orange

Rich dark chocolate sponge infused with ginger, layered with tangerine orange curd and ginger meringue buttercream

Orange, Berry & Dark Chocolate

Zesty orange infused sponge, layered with a mixed berry conserve and dark chocolate meringue buttercream

Lemon Gin & Elderflower

Lemon gin infused sponge, with elderflower syrup and layered with lemon curd and elderflower meringue buttercream

Strawberry & Prosecco

Light strawberry sponge infused with prosecco syrup, layered with strawberry & champagne conserve and strawberry meringue buttercream